A flood warning sign

Preparing your business for potential flooding is an essential step in safeguarding your establishment from unpredictable weather events.

The UK’s fluctuating climate poses significant risks, with millions of properties, including hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars, vulnerable to flooding. Recent events such as Storm Henk, can submerge cities like Worcester underwater, causing significant damage.

To protect your business, preparation is key.

Start by checking flood risk maps available through government resources tailored to your area. These maps provide valuable insights into long-term flood risks. Services like Floodline Warnings Direct from the Environment Agency offer free flood warnings, helping you prepare promptly.

According to the Environment Agency, proactive measures can potentially save businesses between 20% to 90% of costs associated with lost stock due to flooding.

Focus on fortifying your property against water damage by investing in flood boards for doors, sealing floors to prevent seepage, and installing non-return valves to drainage systems and water pipes. Consider elevated shelving for storing items during floods, raising electrical components, and having a pump on the lowest level to remove floodwater.

For tips on how to minimize damage and reduce interruptions to your hospitality operations, download our flooding risks insights document here.

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