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Your restaurant/takeaway business operates at a rapid pace, with a constant flow of customers coming in and out, and employees hustling to meet the demand. Unfortunately, the fast pace often means that risk management strategies are not given the attention they deserve. The restaurant and takeaway industry is inherently risky due to the high volume of customers, the long hours, and the fast pace of the work. As a restaurant or takeaway owner, you are aware of these unique risks and the catastrophic consequences that can result from even a small mistake.

Any number of simple mistakes creates the possibility for employee or third-party injury or damage for which you are liable. Would you be covered in the event of:

Standard cover

The restaurant and takeaway industry comprises a diverse range of businesses, prompting insurers to offer policies that cater to the unique needs of each establishment. These policies typically provide a comprehensive set of standard covers that form the core of the insurance package. Optional covers are then added to the policy to address specific risks that are relevant to each individual business.

Optional cover

Apart from the standard set of covers, insurance providers also offer supplementary optional covers that are tailored to the specific needs of each establishment. The choice of optional covers is largely dependent on the services offered by the business. For instance, coverage for frozen food may be applicable to establishments with a freezer, while loss of license cover may be necessary for on- or off-license businesses. Additionally, household contents cover may be relevant for restaurants and takeaways that also serve as a residence for the owners and their families. Some examples of optional covers include:

To read the full list of standard covers, in addition to a list of exclusions, which insurers will generally not insure – click here.


Bespoke is best

We ensure the insurance cover we place on your behalf is bespoke to your risk and not one size fits all, meeting your statutory, contractual and risk exposure requirements.

We make sure you understand the covers we place and the purpose they serve taking into account the level of risk you can manage internally without having to transfer this through insurance, being a combination of conventional, non conventional and self insured programmes to meet your needs.

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